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May 6, 2017

Expat Jobs in Germany Tips: Thomas, a British Expat

Thomas shares his experience finding work in Germany in the following video. Check it out

Video transcription

Hey, my name is Thomas, I’m a British expat and I live and work in Germany at the moment.

I work in a performance marketing Agency. I work as an SEM Manager in search, video and display advertising, and I started in September in 2016.

What brought me to Germany

So what brought me to Germany was mainly three different things. It was the culture, it was the city of Berlin, and a new exciting job. These three things and also the fact that you can live in an affordable place – I was also looking at London and Amsterdam as well – but it turns out that I was offered a job in Berlin and everything worked out well so I just decided to move here.

My experience searching for a job in Germany

I actually worked in Germany before, I worked in south Konstanz. I worked for a company called HolidayCheck, so I already had like some experience working in Germany. I actually now work in a startup which is a totally different environment to what I was working in before – It is much more close, much more together, I get on with the people really well, It’s an awesome environment and I love it here. I found the job online. I was just looking at different listings from my previous experience from online marketing mainly.

My #1 tip for expat jobseekers in Germany

Thomas a British Expat in Germany

My tip would be to really prepare for your interviews. One thing that I got feedback on when I was going for these interviews at these different startups was that I prepared really well – I knew the company, I knew the questions they were going to ask, I had a really good understanding of the job and they thought really highly of this.

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