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Berlin is amazing, full of all different kinds of people, history, art, lifestyles and opportunities. Berlin is also the perfect place in Germany to work for a startup company. There are many international companies in Berlin for expats to choose from, many of them working with English as the office language – there is a lot of work in Berlin for English speakers so finding a job in Berlin without speaking German is easy; there is an endless supply of jobs in Berlin for foreigners! Recommendation: If you are starting/still in the beginning of your career you should take a job at a company that really interests you even if it is low paying in the beginning (normal in Berlin) and just work really hard and you will surely move up fast/establish a great network and then opportunities to work in Berlin will come to you from everywhere.

Berlin Average Monthly Salary: 3,000 €

10 reasons why Berlin is a wonderful city for expat jobs

1. Expats find Berlin Germany to be inexpensive

Compared to most modern cities, Berlin is pretty affordable. It’s one of the most inexpensive big cities in Western Europe. Rent, food and public transportation are all really reasonable. So you will actually have enough money left over after paying the bills to have some fun. Which is good, since there is no shortage of fun in Berlin.

2. The nightlife

The nightlife in Berlin is legendary. The Mecca of electronic music. Berlin is home to some of the best clubs in the world. Many are in off-the-beaten-path spaces: former piano factories, old cellars and old power stations. Clubs are open 24 hours a day on the weekends, so yes…you can party from Friday to Monday without ever stopping. People who take jobs in Berlin, find out it’s really the city that never sleeps.

3. Berlin jobs are easy to get to because public transportation rocks

There are very few locations in Berlin that are more than a few minutes’ walk from a metro station. This city has an ample public transportation system that includes buses, trams, and trains. Much like New York and London, there is little reason to own a car.

4. To find a job in Berlin you don’t have to “Sprechen Sie deutsch.”

The majority of Berliners speak fluent English. Many will switch to English if they realize that you don’t speak German. Unlike other countries, you won’t be met with a rude stare if you struggle with the native tongue.

5. It’s centrally located.

Germany is pretty much right smack in the middle of Europe. So it’s easy to jet off on a weekend getaway or to an entirely different country. Got the itch for a weekend in Madrid? Or Vienna? If you are smart about booking early and using points, you can explore the entire continent without breaking the bank. Getting a job in Berlin often means being in the perfect place to explore Europe.

6. It’s a start-up haven.

Berlin is ripe to become the most entrepreneurial city in Europe. The startup scene in Berlin is currently showing the rest of the world how it is done. Foreigners not only come to Berlin to get jobs, but to create jobs. Berlin is becoming a magnet for creative people and “solopreneurs.” Office sharing spaces are readily available, so mingling with other like-minded people is easy.

7. Expats are plentiful in Berlin

Berlin has a vast expat community, so you won’t be a stranger in a strange land. Expats tend to look out for each other, especially if they are from the same home country. And Berlin has expats from just about every country. Which makes Berlin a great place for expats to find a job.

8. You’ll walk your way into good shape.

Berlin is a massive city. Few people own cars in Berlin and prefer to get around by public transportation, walking or cycling. Which results in a lot of fit people. Take a walk around town, you might see some obese natives, but you won’t see many.

9. When you work in Berlin Germany, you’ll discover art is everywhere.

Whether it be the amazing street art, the great galleries, or the loads of live music and bars that are here, there is always something to see or do. With the availability of the “artist visa” and the cheap living that is here, it makes for a viable choice for expats who want to continue a traveling lifestyle – with Berlin you can keep a home base, travel, and have somewhere to come back to.

10. History

The relevant kind. World War II was trekking through Berlin less than a hundred years ago. The wall was built six decades ago. Maybe you were alive to watch the fall of this same wall on TV. You can still touch part of the wall with your own hands. Stop by the Checkpoint Charlie museum and read all about the daring escape stories from East Berlin. The city is rebuilding as you read this, so perhaps instead of reading about history, be part of history.


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