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Foreigners can find opportunities to work in Germany at expatjobseeker.de. This site helps expatriates find jobs in Germany by focusing on jobs posted by companies looking for native speakers of foreign languages.

expat jobs in Germany


expatjobseeker.de was founded in 2015 by me, Jesse Woods, an expatriate living and working in Germany. I grew up in a family that moved a lot between countries because my parents’ jobs required a lot of traveling. Almost every three years my family and I moved to a new place. I grew up living a good part of my life as an expat, and multiple times have had to learn to live in a new place, speak a new language, find a job, meet new people and get to know a new culture and lifestyle. I have learned from living and working as an expat that it can have its challenges but I have ultimately found it to be a rewarding experience, an experience I hope to make available to everyone through the power of the Internet.

Vision & Mission

expatjobseeker.de seeks to make finding a job in Germany easier for expats by organizing information about job opportunities and making it accessible and useful.


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