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October 31, 2017

Germany Job Experiences & Tips: Julian, a Colombian Expat

Julian tells his experience finding a job in Germany in this video.

Video transcription

Hello my name is Julian and I’m an expat from Colombia. I’ve been working as a junior financial manager for the last seven months in Germany.

What brought me to Germany

I was kind of learning the German while I was in Colombia, so I got interested in the language and German culture and really love it – so I thought one day why not go to Germany and try to find new opportunities and job. So I came here and found a job and that’s basically it – right now I’m enjoying Germany so far.

My experience searching for a job in Germany

Actually before coming here I was investigating a little bit. I had just got a visa for looking for a job – so I got the visa – I had 6 months to find a job, I came here without any job – I started looking for any job related to what I did in Colombia – I was looking for something in financial stuff, and well I found it after 3 months. It was online – I was searching on a lot of pages, and in the end I had a meeting with a girl in finance and she told me “hey why don’t you look for something in a startup – it’s easier for international people to get hired there.” So I was like, ok, I started searching for all the financial startups and then I landed here.

My #1 tip for expat jobseekers in Germany

Julian spanish speaking expat in Germany

If you have an opportunity, search in your own country for jobs in Germany online, everything is online, so it would be easier and safer to search from your own country or where you feel comfortable without losing opportunities or being so risky. Normally, most of the companies in Germany pay for your travel expenses too I heard.

When I came to Germany, I came with nothing: no job, no friends, no family here – I didn’t even have a flat to live in here in Berlin (I didn’t know it was so hard to find a flat in Berlin). It wasn’t that hard though, in the end you will find somewhere to stay / you’ll survive. Another thing is the relationships: you are away from your family and friends, and if you are completely alone, I suggest the first thing you do before moving to another company is to search for something – doesn’t mean you have to take a job or a work study itself – you can take something like dance lessons, language lessons or sport – somewhere you can interact with people and get to know new people because otherwise you are just going to be alone by yourself all the time. It can be really hard because you aren’t just going to get to know people on the street. If I can go back and do one thing – just search for something where you can interact with people because it will open your relationships and bring you new friends.

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