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Jesse James Woods
May 31, 2015

Welcome to expatjobseeker.de!

Hey everyone,

jesse james woods waving

I’m Jesse and I am happy to welcome you to my new project expatjobseeker.de

I created expatjobseeker.de to help expats or people who would like to live in Germany find jobs in Germany – also to help companies find us expats! I am an expat myself and until now I have only found a handful of online platforms which publish jobs in Germany for native speakers, but only do this as part of an overall service for expats – not to knock any of the platforms, they’re great, I just think it makes sense to have one platform focusing on the issue of jobs in order to provide the best experience to expats in Germany.

I am excited about this new project, it is just a baby, but I want it to be your baby too and with your help I hope to grow expatjobseeker.de into the most effective tool possible to connect expats with the right professional opportunities in Germany.

That being said, let’s get started:

1. I invite you to start browsing through the latest jobs in Germany.
2. If you are a jobseeker, post your resume to let companies find you
3. If you are a company in Germany looking for native speakers, post a job and check out our resumes section
4. If you spot any problems with the website or have any ideas on how to improve it please email me your thoughts at jesse(@)expatjobseeker.de

Welcome to expatjobseeker.de!


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