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Jesse James Woods
September 17, 2015

Expat Jobs in Germany Tips: Ulises, an American Expat

In the following video Ulises offers expats in Germany his  job experiences and tips. Check it out!

Video transcription

Hi, my name is Ulises, and I’m an American expat living in Berlin, Germany. I’m a data scientist and I’ve lived here for three years.

My experience searching for a job in Germany

I wanted to study here and at the same time I wanted to keep playing soccer, and I ended up studying Finance at the Berlin School of Economics and Law, then getting a job in data science.

I moved around a lot actually – I did an internship in Frankfurt, and I also worked in the Netherlands for a little while. Now I am back in Berlin.

My #1 tip for expat jobseekers in Germany

Ulises's tip for expat jobseekers in Germany

A good tip would be to just always have a good side project – if you’re trying to get into programming or kind of data analytics and if you don’t have anything like an internship or don’t know anybody here, try to have something that you build in your own time – that’s what I have found to work to get to that first job where you can start getting experience and start climbing your way up the ladder. Another option is to just go to meet-ups and try to meet people because there are always people looking for engineers and data analytics guys.

There’s a lot of jobs in English but there is definitely a lot more in German. So if you can work on your German before coming here, it definitely opens your employment opportunities a lot – it is definitely something worth pursuing.

If you are really trying to get established here in Germany I recommend expatjobseeker.de to look for resources on finding jobs and establishing your local network.

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