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Jesse James Woods
December 2, 2015

Expat Jobs in Germany Tips: Rakesh, an Indian Expat

Get Germany job experiences and tips from Indian expat Rakesh in the following video.

Video transcription

Hi my name is Rakesh. I’m an Indian expat working in Berlin. I’m working with the Hungryhouse group which is part of the Delivery Hero group and I am a Regional Sales Development Manager for them. I’ve been living in Berlin since last May 2014, it’s almost been 18 months, and I intend to stay as long as possible as it’s a ‘wicked’ city to live in.

What brought me to Germany

I was actually living in Newcastle in the UK and I was working in sales and business development and stuff like that. I was offered a job by the Hungryhouse group over here in Berlin, so I literally just moved here just because of the job and I actually think I was quite lucky to get the job here as well.

I actually came to Berlin for a holiday in September 2013 – I was here for four days and I loved the vibe of the city, so as soon as I got offered a job over here I was like – no second thoughts – I went for it and I was quite happy with the decision.

How I got my first job in Germany

A recruitment agency from downtown London found my CV and they gave me a ring, and one fine early morning on a Monday they asked me “Do you want to apply for this job?” and I said fine let’s apply for the job. I got the interview done within the next 24 hours, and I got the visa and everything sorted out by the Germany embassy who were really really helpful – and I was here within the next 15 days. The company actually started me out with an apartment as well.

The funny part is that my visa in the UK as an Indian resident was meant to expire, so I literally quit my common job, but after I was offered this new job I had like 2 months to apply, interview and I flew over – the company payed for my flight and accommodation, and that’s it! I’ve been treated so well in Germany even though I’m an Indian expat/non EU resident – I see myself living here for as long as possible and helping Germany improve their economy as much as I can.

My #1 tip for expat jobseekers in Germany

Angelo's tip for expat jobseekers in Germany

One thing I would definitely say is make sure your CV is updated and that you post it to as many websites as possible. Don’t worry about coming to Germany – it’s not necessary that you have to learn German to come over here. You can come over here with an English speaking job and the company could offer you German courses if required. So just be care-free, make sure you’re quite social and active on Facebook/Twitter etc., so you can meet up with a lot of Indian people, English people, American people – there is a massive group over here. You can head up with them, apply for more jobs in the future as well, and that’s it! I think it will work out really well for you.

Finally, as a good tip to any Indian expat, I would let them know – basically it doesn’t matter where you come from, like India or you’re an Indian living in the UK or USA, if you want to apply for a job in Germany: don’t hesitate! There is a lot of companies looking for good software professionals, sales, marketing, management in general – there’s loads of opportunities here! Make sure to update your CV, get in touch with people living in Berlin or whichever city you want to apply for a job in and they will help you out – we are a tight-knit group, we know what’s actually happening, what job openings are available – we will definitely help you out for sure.

If you want to get to know me better

If you want to know more about me, go onto expatjobseeker.de and you can find all of the relevant information about me.


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