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Jesse James Woods
April 26, 2016

Expat Jobs in Germany Tips: Nazlı, a Turkish Expat

Nazlı shares her experience working in Germany in the following video. Check it out!

Video transcription

Hello, my name is Nazlı. I’m a Turkish expat in Germany.

What brought me to Germany

I came here two years ago because I knew that there would be more opportunities for my career and future here, and better life standards in general. I made a decision, booked my flight and came here.

My experience searching for a job in Germany

I sat in front of the computer and applied to as many jobs as I could, and within a few weeks I found my first job. I found it through an online website.

I worked with my first job for 6 months, it was a lovely experience. Then I quit that job for a better opportunity for myself, but I stayed in touch with my first job, still visiting them – it was a really lovely experience.

My #1 tip for expat jobseekers in Germany

Nazlı's tip for expat jobseekers in Germany

If you want to find a job in Germany, stay positive, get in front of your laptop and look for jobs and find the ones that you fit. Also write a detailed application customized to them. Probably you won’t hear back from many of them or receive automatic rejection emails, but don’t let them demotivate you because eventually you will get something – you just need to keep applying to increase your chances.

When you meet people in your social life you should let them know what your skills are and maybe they can refer you to opportunities that they see. Always keep it in mind that the job can be found from anywhere.

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