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Jesse James Woods
October 25, 2015

Expat Jobs in Germany Tips: Gavin, a British Expat

In this video Gavin gives us his Germany job experiences and tips . Have a look!

Video transcription

Hi my name is Gavin, and I am a British expat living in Germany. I’m a Product Manager and I have been working in Germany for four years.

What brought me to Germany

What brought me to Germany was my wife, at the time my girlfriend, so you can say I came for love. I really like it a lot. There are not too many differences between England and Germany, we actually have quite a lot in common. I feel very settled here now and almost think of it like a second home.

My experience searching for a job in Germany

When I found my first job I was still living in the UK at the time. I had a little bit of time on my hands – I had just literally finished up my studies. I spent like a couple of months just browsing around to see what was available in the Wiesbaden area. Then I came across a startup company and managed to get accepted, so when I came to Germany the first time I had the job interview and got the job.

My #1 tip for expat jobseekers in Germany

Gavin's tip for expat jobseekers in Germany

I would say definitely spend a lot of time online searching and browsing. There is a lot out there, I guess it depends also on what region of Germany specifically you are looking into because obviously somewhere like Berlin or Hamburg where a lot of expats are typically located you are more likely to find something. Taking that sort of gateway of an English speaking job is a good way of not feeling too much pressure of climatizing to the country – you get to then know other international people – it’s a good way of finding your feet.

If you are a Brit coming over to Germany, while you can get by by not knowing German, I think it’s quite important to at least make a conscious effort to try and learn the language because it helps with being able to fit in more and being able to then go out by yourself and just chat with people randomly. It always amazes me how many of the Germans know English and that helps with breaking down obviously the initial boundaries, but if you want to go that little step further and you really want to feel a part of the country, put that little bit of effort in, even if it’s just to learn a little bit of German – I think it’s an important thing. And it also helps you in your job search – you can actually take your career another step in Germany because only knowing English will only get you so far.

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