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Jesse James Woods
November 3, 2015

Expat Jobs in Germany Tips: Angelo, an Italian Expat

Angelo shares his Germany job experiences and tips with the expat community in the following video. Watch it now here!

Video transcription

Hi my name is Angelo. I’m an Italian expat in Berlin. I’ve been living here for three years so far.

How I got my first job in Germany

The reason why I a moved here is because I got my post-graduate degree in Business in London – started working in London for an Import-Export company, and basically I found a Germany job offer in the network from my business school in London and I accepted it straight away, the reason being that I had heard a lot about the Berlin – I knew about Berlin from my friends/friends of friends, and this new job was the right chance so I took it straight away. I visited a friend of mine living in Berlin more than four years ago and I fell in love with the city, it was love at first sight.

My #1 tip for expat jobseekers in Germany

Angelo's tip for expat jobseekers in Germany

I would say with regards to my personal experience and addressing Italians: Be sure you find a good job offer if you are planning to move and leave a good job position in Italy, Berlin can give you a lot when it comes to chances to grow and also improve your career path – you can move up easily.

Also be sure that if you move to Berlin and you do not have any job experience, you might start accepting something that is not meeting your expectations but it might be good to start with and then you can look around and you will find job offers everywhere.

If you speak already another language other than Italian it will be good, especially English because differently than other cities in Germany, in Berlin you can still find a good job just speaking English because there are lots of job offers for English speaking people.

With regards to your CV, I suggest that you do not put too much information in your CV. Instead, make sure to use short lists and use bullet points. There are so many people applying for jobs here and usually Human Resources departments are making short lists of CV’s and they are picking out the ones that look good at first glance. To be sure that you will be within that list, make sure that you list the most important things, but make it also short because if you get a chance to have an interview you will get time to explain things further. It would also be good to include a nice picture in the CV, (suit up!), and you make sure that you will get the right opportunity. There are plenty of opportunities, so be sure of what you are looking for, emphasize your additional values/experience and show your added value/what makes you different from other people.

If you want to get to know me better

If you want to know more about my profile and resume, just check it out at expatjobseeker.de

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