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Jesse James Woods
October 1, 2015

Expat Jobs in Germany Tips: Amira, a French Expat

Amira gave the video testimonial below offering her  Germany job experiences and tips to expats. Watch it now!

Video transcription

Hey, my name is Amira. I’m a French expat living in Berlin, Germany since three years. I’m a sales manager for French markets.

What brought me to Germany

I wanted to have this international experience so one day I packed my stuff and I was like “I’m going to Berlin.” I knew Berlin because I was there for one week and three days, and I was like “wow, it’s an awesome city, I really love this city, I will have to come back one day!” And one day I decided that this was the right time to come here and start my new life here.

Berlin is so international, it’s a mix of different cultures, different languages – everybody mixes with everybody here, party together, work together – it’s hard to explain but it’s like a feeling, a special connection that people can have with this city, and actually was the first time that I had this kind of connection.

My experience searching for a job in Germany

I actually started looking for jobs since the moment I arrived here in Berlin. I think that all of the expats – the first thing you do when you are looking for a job, when you have just arrived to a city or a country: you Google it, like searching for “jobs for expats…” and for sure you add “french speakers” or “english speakers” or whatever (example Google search: “jobs in Germany for french speakers”) – that is basically what I did.

It took me maybe to or three weeks to get a job, was a normal process, interviews, and then I started my new work experience in Berlin. I worked for two years in my first company. The company I currently work in is in the same branch/department, sales for France.

You can survive in Berlin if you don’t speak German because most of the people here will speak English – that’s for sure. But it will be a big plus for you if you are able to know some basics/just being able to communicate in German – will definitely open doors for you, give you opportunities.

My #1 tip for expat jobseekers in Germany

Amira's tip for expat jobseekers in Germany

When you just arrive in Berlin, you might not find the perfect job and salary you expected, but you have the opportunity and experience to improve your skills. So don’t be afraid to be open-minded and learn new things, even if it’s something that you never worked with before or you never learned or studied – just improve your skills and get to know people and this will definitely help you.

The Berlin startup world is a small world, so basically everybody knows more or less everybody, so try to have a lot of contacts because maybe one of your previous colleagues or boss or coworker may one day call you and offer you an opportunity!

If you want to get to know me better

If you want to get to know me then just check my resume on expatjobseeker.de


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