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November 28, 2016

German Language Classes for Expats in Germany [Guest Post]

Hi, my name is Claudia and I am the founder of MyGermanAcademy (myGA).


MyGA is a location independent online German school. I provide individual german classes for expats living in German speaking countries as well as for people who want to learn a new language and decided to study German.

I have been teaching German for over 5 years now, both offline and online. I have helped many A-level students to become fluent German speakers. After a while I decided to specialise in business german as well as in German classes for expats who want to find a job in a German speaking country. Knowing German will give a big boost to your chances of getting a job.

Often German learners sit in class before or after work, tired, with many other students, not getting getting the full benefit out of the course because group courses, obviously, can not deliver to your needs exactly.

At myGA you get to study German from the comfort of your home at your personal schedule and individual speed.

Let’s say you want to have an everyday-life conversation with your colleagues or friends in German, or you would like to send or answer an email, or you want to get the hang of German grammar, or your want to practice speaking…. there are many areas of German that expats need. And they are all individual needs.

Here are some more challenges expats are usually facing in german speaking countries:

  • It is hard to engage in a conversation without natives switching to english as soon as they notice that you are foreign and do not speak German fluently
  • It is hard to keep up with all the different dialects
  • It is difficult to find people whom to engage with in german conversations on a daily basis – there are not enough opportunities to practice
  • German is a very difficult language to learn and you do not understand the grammar

Here are the solutions that myGA offers:

  • authentic conversation courses with hands on expressions to use
  • conversation trainings
  • grammar explained in a way you will get it – with hands on examples
  • tips that really work on how to engage in conversations and not make natives switch to English (without feeling stressed about it)
  • Tools to understanding dialects better
  • An individual road map to your success laid out to you, based on the information you provide in our first trial class that is for free.

I am willing to commit to YOUR success a 100%! This is my personal promise to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you and / or even discuss  and plan for your personal German journey in the free trial lesson – to book, please click here.



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