English Content Manager / Content Writer

March 28, 2018
We want a Writer, content professional and native English speaker who can produce content which can put highly technical concepts into simple and captivating explanations, while engaging with a wide audience of mobile marketers.

As Content Manager / Content Writer, you’ll be writing blogs, case studies and guides that create value for marketers involved in apps, mobile, and digital marketing. Along with this, you’ll be collaborating with the content team to define content strategy, create ideas that will go into our content calendar, and keeping an eye on industry trends and news which could quickly be turned into blogs.

We want someone with enthusiasm, a great understanding of what goes into producing content, and the experience of balancing stakeholders on the journey to create and publish.

Design skills are a plus, but by no means necessary (we have a great team that covers most of it). Knowledge of analytics, among a number of basic Google tools, is an absolute necessity. As for experience, while three years of content experience would be ideal, two is just enough, depending on what you were doing.

As an applicant, we’re not so worried about your technical expertise. Don’t know what a callback is? That’s fine, you’ll learn quick, but you need to know the basics, from what an app really is, to how it’s made, and about the network of interests that go into creating one.

Our best candidates are people who have experience writing for brands. Magazines are great, in-house experience also, but we’re really looking for someone who has experience of tight deadlines, providing work for those outside of your own organization, and managing expectations while measuring success.
Why would you want to work here? Well, you’ll be working in one of the most exciting companies in mobile space, boasting an amazing team and perks unlike any other. We’ve experienced rapid growth and we need to keep up with the pace of development, and become a first-class content machine.

Finally, we’re looking for someone who has a true passion for reading. Why? Simply put, if you haven’t reached this paragraph then you can’t expect us to read your CV. You must include writing samples in your application, and don’t just tell us about you, tell us about what you can do for us. Also, tell us if you’ve spotted the deliberate capitalization, it shouldn’t be too hard to find.